Backed by Years of Science. Formulated for Endurance. Functional Nutrition for Your Active Lifestyle.


Since 2010, Fenix Nutrition has been providing high quality nutritional supplements to thousands of doctors, successfully bringing a wide variety of benefits to their patients. Many of those fortunate enough to have had the Fenix products recommended to them by health professionals have also provided valuable feedback, sharing the positive results Fenix Nutrition has added to their active lifestyles. In an effort to reach more people, benefit athletes and help others understand that a more active lifestyle can improve their lives, the brand FNX Sports Nutrition was created.

The FNX product was developed as functional nutrition—practical nutrition that can actually be used to increase performance and benefit your everyday life.

FNX has formulated it’s two premier products, FNX DRIVE™ and FNX PULSE™ specifically to increase circulation. The 5,000mg of L-Argininge and 1,000mg of L-Citrulline contained in each of these two products, act as a catalyst and prolong the production of nitric oxide. This prolonged production boosts circulation, increasing endurance, strength, and power during physical activity. Many are referring to this technology as the “Breathe Easy Formula”. Add to these amazing products a full line of protein, energy, weight loss, recovery and multivitamin supplements and you have everything you need to improve your performance and live a healthy, active lifestyle.

FNX provides high quality nutritional supplements for athletes at any level. Whether you are a beginner looking to get in shape and become more active or an elite athlete striving to reach the top, FNX products have been developed for you. Boost performance while training, increase endurance during your physical activity, and stimulate muscle recovery so that you can truly reap the benefits of all your hard work.


At FNX Sports Nutrition, we love improving people’s lives through business. The success we’ve had with the quality products we share has allowed us to do so. Now we want to take it a step further by giving more. FNX has created the initiative FNX for LIFE as a way to work with you, our customer, to provide nutritious meals for children suffering from malnutrition. For each purchase made on our website, one nutritious meal is given to a child in need. One purchase = one meal. This makes FNX Sports Nutrition a for-profit business that is sustainable and not reliant on donations. Through FNX for LIFE, we hope to lift others as we rise by sharing health and nutrition with children who otherwise would not have the chance to receive it.